15 Inspiring Female Creatives in Toronto

Candace Zwicker

Event Planner


Candance Zwicker Toronto

Photo by Caryn Silverstein

Candace Zwicker is celebrating 20 years in business as an event planner. Candace is the owner of Candace and Co. Events, a full-service luxury event planning company that plans, designs and inspires creative events to tell her clients’ stories. She has planned over 500 events. Candace has a unique knack for relating with her clients and vendors which has always allowed her to create strong lasting relationships.  She takes great pride in creating the most unique and once-in-a-lifetime experiences for her clients.

She resides in Toronto with her husband Ari and their goldendoodle, Ryder.  When she is not planning an affair, Candace can be found scoping out new hot spots and hidden gems across the city (anything for her sweet obsession).  She also loves Nana’s green curry, sushi and a good lineup of local food trucks!

A piece of advice I would give to my younger creative self would be…. “Don’t be afraid to do something you love and stick with it. Don’t be distracted by intimidation or uncertainty.  That is really what stands out to me….. the sheer amount of time I spent tangled up in fears and doubts that were of my own creation. I was so afraid to take a leap of faith and start something that I had absolutely no experience in.  Constantly wondering if I would be able to make a career out of something that I had such a passion for. If it feels right, then just do it!

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do” – Rumi. When I first read  this quote from Rumi, it resonated so much with me.  My Father used to always tell me, if you do what you love, all the other things in your life will flourish and that could not be more true.  He would say, do what you love and you will never work a day in your life! When you are doing what you love, life is beautiful. Life is happy!

When you are passionate about things you can see the great beauty in them.  Having true passion that exists within you will fuel you to want more, see more and experience all of the great things that life has to offer while they are right in front of you (not telling your younger self about them…lol). I truly believe that we have to have passion for what we do, who we are with and in living a passionate life.

Don’t be afraid to get started, you will likely get it wrong at first anyway. Don’t worry about what other people think or say. Create something,  put it out there and just go for it, progress beats perfection.  Things may not work out exactly the way you want right from the start but stick with it, work hard and be resourceful.  You may need to tear it up, throw it away and start again. And do it better.  Time spent creating something is never wasted. It’s the best way to learn and grow. Remember that life is just a string of experiences. Cherish each one. Be aware of your experiences that you create that will empower, amuse and delight the peoples lives that you touch.

Be kinder to yourself.  Always know your worth.  The world is bigger than you think it is and your worries aren’t as important as you think they are, just be you. Stay curious and have fun! Be grateful. Gratitude leads to more happiness and wellbeing! Don’t take yourself so seriously all the time. Laugh. Often. Laugh from your belly whenever possible, letting the tears run down your cheeks. There is nothing better…well, almost nothing!

Sadly, my younger self cannot tell you anything… So try your best to figure this all out on your own as soon as you can. Learn from your mistakes. And live so that someday you won’t have to wish you could tell your younger self anything! “You are your best cheerleader!” – Gloria”

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