15 Inspiring Female Creatives in Toronto

Kate Holden


Kate Holden Toronto

Photo by Aleksander Antonijevic

Kate Holden is an award winning Dance Artist, Craniosacral and Reflexology Therapist, and Mother, currently living and working in Toronto. Kate brings the synergies of creation, play, caring, on-going learning and healing to her work as Associate Artist with Peggy Baker Dance Projects, her healing practice, and the raising of two emotionally intelligent children.

A piece of advice I would give to my younger creative self would be…. “You are not defined by this one thing and it alone will not make you happy. I struggled to understand myself outside of my work as a dance artist, and in some ways, really wanted to be defined by it. I strived for my dance life; was sometimes consumed by my dance life. It wasn’t until I was much older that I found a more complex and grounded happiness. For many years, I put off other interests, endeavours, and serious romantic relationships, in an effort to try and build my career as a dancer; not realizing that all these other aspects feed and nourish each other and actually make me a much happier person.

Building a resilient happiness and sense of well being with my kids and my Husband is a kind of creative work. It is mundane, joyful and brutally hard at times, and has been one of my greatest teachers. For me, dancing has always been about connecting to a deeper sense of self and energetically sharing with other people, opening possibilities for learning and experiencing something more. I now bring this curiosity and desire for connection to my life in a more multifaceted way.”

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