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Inside the Mind
Bright and Bold Graphic Design by Kristy Campbell
Visual Inspiration from the New Zealand-based graphic designer's bright and energetic approach to design.

“I am heavily inspired by powerful colour, strong typography, modern layouts, edgy visuals and an ‘anything but boring’ aesthetic.” Branding specialist, graphic designer, and owner of Pinky Pony Creative from Auckland, New Zealand, Kristy Campbell adapts her work and style according to the project at hand. “I am obsessed with designing interesting and energetic visuals that not only create a memorable brand but also inspire everyone else around it.” 

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Franceline Graham Profile Picture
Inside the Mind

Editorial Makeup Inspiration by Franceline Graham

Charlotte Fabro Toronto vocalist 'energy'
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15 Inspiring Female Creatives in Toronto

Keith Motsi Charles H. bar at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul non-alcoholic espresso martini London SoHo house Beijing Drinking is a luxury Tales of the Cocktail and the United States Bartenders’ Guild hosting Diageo Reserve World Class The World’s 50 Best Bars
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Behind the Bar With Keith Motsi

Quarantine Eternal: A Playlist by Andrew Gallo
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Quarantine Eternal: A Playlist by Andrew Gallo


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