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From iconic landmarks like the United Nations to world-class hotels dotting the Vegas strip, Credible Group is no stranger in the world of international design and bespoke craftsmanship. A veteran of the luxury furniture manufacturing industry, Credible Group, formerly known as Credible Hospitality, came to us with a vision that required a complete brand re-haul.

Founded by Anthony Marcucci in 1996, the brand was looking for a new vision for its new era of design. BA took a holistic approach to create a comprehensive brand look and feel and ultimately increased brand awareness by solidifying its position as the market leader. Working closely with the client, the BA team led the multiphased refresh project launching in the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

With a new digital and social strategy that led to the creation of over 100+ immersive videos and content campaigns, Credible Group strengthened brand health with refined positioning and increased brand awareness.

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